Back to School: Preparing for Lynchburg City Schools Registration

Lynchburg, VA - It's Back to School Week here at ABC 13.

Monday's topic is Lynchburg City Schools registration.

Kasey Crabbe, the principal of Dunbar Middle School, talked about what parents can expect on Tuesday. Registration is tomorrow from 12:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at your child's school.

Who needs to come to that and what do parents need to bring?

All new and returning Lynchburg City Schools students need to attend registration.

What do I need to bring to registration?

All students, new and returning, need to bring two current forms of proof of residency. This includes utility bills, rent or mortgage agreements, closing papers on a home, city registration of vehicle. A driver's license or cell phone bills are not valid proofs of residency.

New students, please bring a copy of your child's state issued birth certificate, SSN if they have one, and physical and immunization records.

If your child is entering 6th grade for the first time, please make sure they have their T-Dap vaccination and bring the proof of this vaccination to registration.

There is also orientation coming up on August 22nd.

For PreK, Kindergarten, and 6th grade students, orientation will be held on August 22nd. Please be sure to pick up your child's bus schedule when you attend registration. Parents can ride the bus to school with their child on orientation day.

Heritage High School held freshmen orientation already.

E. C. Glass will have orientation on the morning of registration day, August 19th, beginning at 8 a.m.

Lynchburg City Schools is offering to help families in need with school supplies this year.

LCS has received generous donations of school supplies from the community. We will work with all families to ensure students have the supplies they need. Supplies are limited, and we want to make sure the donations go to those with the greatest need. Please don't hesitate to contact your child's school counselor if you need assistance with back to school supplies.

What can parents do to help ease any anxiety their child may be experiencing about the new school year?

Make sure you and your child get to know your child's school counselor. Your school counselor is a great resource for you throughout the year.

Check with your school about clubs and other groups they can join. LCS has something for all student interests.

Make sure your child gets a good breakfast, either at home or at school.

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