Bachmann Speaks to Students, Pushes for Changes

Lynchburg, VA - During a visit to Liberty University, GOP Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann made her push for small government.

Bachmann spoke with students at convocation Tuesday and also got a chance to speak one-on-one to government students. She spent a lot of time taking questions from students.

Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. says she's a favorite of LU students. And she had a clear message for them today.

"Don't settle for less than what this almighty God has planned for you," said Bachmann.

Her speech sounded more like a call to faith than political action. But the tone changed when she talked about Congressional spending.

"I had grown up in a conservative background I had never seen people spend money like this before. I decided I couldn't hold back. I had to get involved," said Bachmann.

Bachman also took jabs at President Obama's healthcare plan.

"He would order every private insurance company in the country to give the morning after abortion pill free of charge-this something in my opinion we should not settle for," said Bachmann.

That got a huge applause from students. Bachman also opened up about her five children and how she has had 23 foster children.

"She understands the gravity of us not being able to settle," said Sebastien Douyon, LU student.

"I feel like a lot of people, I feel like she honestly lives what she is saying. She believes and she's not just trying to put on a show for everyone," said Brittany Clark, a student.

Bachman is trailing in the GOP polls, but she says it's not over yet.

"We intend to be the comeback kid in this race," said Bachmann.

Fundraising is big in a presidential race, and Bachman took some time for that as well. She went to Snowflex for a luncheon.

Bachman says if she becomes President, her first action will be a jobs creation bill.