Baby Found Under SUV After Accident on Route 460 in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - Six people are recovering after being thrown from an SUV Friday night.

Two people, one adult and a small child, were airlifted. A baby was still missing when rescue workers arrived.

State Police say Thomasena Brown shouldn't have been driving to start with. Her license had been suspended, and she's now charged with failing to maintain control of a vehicle.

It looks like ransacked dresser drawers up and down Route 460 near Nester Road in Bedford County with clothing, jewelry, wigs and tiny shoes.

But rescue workers say one of the most precious items once inside the SUV, ended up closeted under the vehicle's hood.

A week-old baby was still inside.

"We could see the very edge of the car seat," said Chief Scott Hawkins from the Montvale Fire Department.

Hawkins was on the scene Friday night.

"We were able to hear crying once we got inside the vehicle."

That sound was somewhat of a relief. Just moments before, the mother and dispatch had told first responders no one could find the baby.

All four lanes of 460 were shut down.

"The search along the roadway began," said Hawkins. "When we got there, bystanders, it was chaos. There were bystanders that were stopping on 460. They had heard there was a child involved and missing. It was just mass chaos from that."

They were able to keep the crowd at a distance and raise the vehicle by inflating airbags under it, all three plus tons of it - high enough to pull the baby out.

"The child was still strapped in its car seat. The car seat was face down. The infant was still secured in and crying," said Hawkins. "The child was awake and crying like a normal infant should be. A quick assessment before we transferred it to EMS is there was not a scratch on the child."

That proved not all miracles happen on 34th Street. Some happen on 460 near Nester Road.

It's not clear at this point whether the infant carrier had been strapped down to the seat prior to the crash. But the fire chief says the carrier itself did exactly what it was designed to do by protecting that child.