Axton Residents Shocked About Double Homicide

Axton, VA-- A double homicide this weekend has left an Axton neighborhood in shock.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of two brothers that were shot and killed. They've identified them as 40-year-old Alfonso Navarro-Pena and 33-year-old Noel Navarro-Pena.

After getting a search warrant for the brother's home on Sugar Tree Drive in Axton on Saturday officials seized $28,000 in cash, 25 pounds of marijuana, 2.6 ounces of purported cocaine, four guns, ammunition, and several cell phones, among other things.

Investigators say Alfonso Navarro-Pena was shot inside his truck in front of a home on Daniel Road in Axton Friday night just before 11:15. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Then Saturday morning just before 6:15, the Henry County Sheriff's Office were called out to parking lot at the Smith River Sports Complex. Noel Navarro-Pena was found dead there with a gunshot wound.

Residents that live near the complex say they've seen a lot police presence this weekend. They say it's something that they're not used to. One man says he heard shots but assumed someone was hunting. They just didn't think anything this major could hit so close to home.

"I heard some gunshots but I didn't think nothing about it until I heard what happened about the boys getting killed," said Larry Hairfield,

"I'll kind of keep my eyes a little open a little more," said Harry Hairfield.

Autopsies for the victims are scheduled for June 30. No information has been released yet about possible suspects.

If you have any information about this crime call the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

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