Awkward Couples Page Upsets LU Administration

Lynchburg, VA - A Facebook page about Liberty University students is being called inappropriate and offensive. The page is called Awkward Couples of Liberty. It features pictures of couples showing their affection on campus.

We sat down and spoke with the founder of the page Tuesday. He says it's supposed to be in good fun. But LU's director of student affairs, among others, isn't laughing. And the students we spoke with have mixed feelings about it too.

"There are just things you don't do in public and some Liberty couples just choose to do those things," said Taylor Meetre, junior, LU.

LU Junior Taylor Meetre sees it all the time.

"Couples feeding each other. I've seen couples sleep on each others' laps. It's kind of awkward," said Taylor.

The most frequent offense she's seen is the awkward hug.

"What does an awkward hug look like?" we asked.

"It's just like this, you know a little space with Jesus in the middle," said Meetre.

"A lot of people I've talked to are excited to be on there. They just think it's funny," said Jordy Vickrey, founder, Awkward Couples Page.

Jordy Vickrey is a sophomore at LU and founded the Awkward Couples Page.

"I personally don't care if you want to stare at each other for an hour. I don't think you're being sinful. I think it's kind of funny," said Vickrey.

As for any offensive remarks or pictures, Vickrey says, he'll take it down.

"I'm just like, 'no problem, I'm sorry that she's upset,'" said Vickrey.

"I'd say they should have never been put up in the first place," said Dr. Mark Hine, senior VP for Student Affairs.

Senior VP for Student Affairs, Mark Hine, says he has no problem with social media, as long as it builds people up.

"You're laughing at someone, perhaps caught in an embarrassing moment. I don't think that's the way students should treat one another. It's just wrong," said Hine.

Vickrey says he doesn't mean any harm and hopes one day they can all look back and laugh at this.

"I think sometimes people are just too critical of themselves and need to kick back a little bit, relax and enjoy life," said Vickrey.

Hine says he'd like to see the site come down. Vickrey says, no way.