Award Winning Day in Danville

Danville, VA - It was a big day for a non-profit organization in Danville Thursday. The Danville Life Saving and First Aid Crew is the 2013 recipient of the B.R. Ashby Award.

The Danville Regional Foundation has been giving the award every year since 2009, to non-profits that show outstanding community service to needy residents in the area.

A nice $50,000 check came with the award. And the life saving crew says they already know what they are going to use it for.

"It would definitely relieve a lot of pressure off of us. This is money we'll use to go with a matching grant, we had to pay off our heavy duty rescue truck, and by using this money today to match the funds ,we'll be able to pay that loan completely off and we can move forward to do other life saving things in the community," said Chief of Danville Life Saving Crew Robbie Woodall.

The Danville Regional Foundation had to choose from twelve nominations this year.