Avoiding Tragedy: Keeping Kids Away From Guns

Franklin Co.,VA - Franklin County Deputies say it was an accident Monday, when a 12 year old boy got a hold of a handgun; it accidentally fired and killed his 7 year old brother. "We need everyone to just make sure that they're putting their guns in a safe location. That doesn't mean on top of the hutch, in the top of the closet, or in the back of a closet. Kids are curious" said Lieutenant Phillip Young of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Monday morning, a 7 year old Franklin County boy, was killed after his brother, deputies say, got a hold of a loaded handgun. It accidentally went off, killing him instantly. In a special ABC News report exposing the lethal combination of kids and guns, it was revealed that every other day in the U.S. a child is killed by a firearm. The report also revealed that the old mainstay, when a child comes across a gun, to not touch and tell an adult, is far from what happens when they're left alone. A .45 caliber handgun, Franklin County deputies say, was the weapon that killed that little boy, Monday. "Oh, it could've been avoided, yes" said Bobby Arrington. Arrington is a Manager at Lynchburg Arms, a gun store that offers firearm safety classes. "Make sure that it's unloaded. Store your ammo in a different area, a different room from where you have your gun" said Arrington. "Anybody that has small children should have one of these" he said. Arrington said keeping your gun in a place that you can get to and your children can't, can almost guarantee tragedies like the one in Franklin County don't happen. "Kids are inquisitive. They're going to go, Dad's got his gun up here, let's go see if we can find it" he said. If you want to enroll you in a gun safety class, Arrington advises you do so two to three weeks in advance. In Franklin County, deputies said the Commonwealth's Attorney will make the call whether to charge the gun owner, or the 12 year old who was handling that weapon.