Averett's Pritchett Fine Arts Center Finally Completed

Danville, VA - Averett's Pritchett Fine Arts Center in Danville has gotten a make-over. And ten months to the day after they broke ground, phase one is finally complete.

Tuesday they held a grand opening ceremony to celebrate. The renovations cost a little more than $2 million. They added a lobby with enough dining space for 100 people. The auditorium also received an upgrade to the stage curtains, orchestra pit, and much more.
"The faculty and students are really proud of this. It's going to be one of the nicest buildings on campus now so I know just the theater majors and people who have been out of here for 9 months and now are getting to come back are just in love with the building," said Jackie Finney, Theater Director.
This is all part of the University's $25 million capital campaign.

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