Averett University Theatre Students Ready to Perform 'Chicago'

Danville, VA-Averett University theatre students are preparing for their big performance of the Broadway play "Chicago".

This is the first theatre production the school will have with the contribution of ex- Broadway actor Brad Bass.

Bass is a Danville native but spent several years performing in New York, and now he teaches at Averett.

He says his favorite part about working with the students is seeing them develop their skills.

"They all have grown so much over the past few weeks and I'm so proud of them," Bass said. "Some of them have really bright futures ahead like becoming really professional actors. I'm super excited to see them and watch their reactions when they hear the audience applaud for them."

The students will be performing tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday at 7:30pm. They will also have a show at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are available at the door.