Averett University raised $19 million for Capital Campaign

Danville, VA-- Thursday night was a big night for Danville's Averett University. They announced that they have raised $19 million for their first capital campaign.

It's called "The Big Dreams and Bold Futures" campaign. The goal is to provide students with a more improved college experience with newer facilities, technology, more scholarships and better academic programs.

People have been making donations to this campaign since 2008, and now Averett University is 75 percent to their goal.

"We're not going to stop here, we're going to keep going, and we want to surpass that $25million goal because every dollar we raise is another student whose life has been impacted and changed for the better," said Averett University President Tiffany Franks.

Averett has almost raised enough to build their new Sports Complex and they expect construction to begin soon.