Averett University Head Coach Leaves Suddenly

Danville, VA - After 12 years, the head football coach at Averett University suddenly decided to resign. Coach Mike Dunlevy made the announcement to the school and his team on Wednesday and left that day, and some of his staff are taking off with him.

A few staff members at Averett are all very happy for him, but right now, that leaves the team without a coach.
So now Averett is on the hunt for someone to fill that head coach position. Dunlevy had an overall record of 49 and 69. But the last two seasons, they were 1 and 9.
Director of Athletics Meg Stevens says she does not know the reason for Dunlevy's sudden decision to leave. Stevens says they have some football staff members who decided to stay. Others decided to leave with Dunlevy although the school won't say how many. But they plan to allow whoever takes Dunlevy's spot to bring in their own staff as well.
"I want our student athletes to have a great experience. Do I have high expectations going into next year's football season? Yes I do, I have that for every one of our teams whether you've gone through transition or not," said Stevens.
Stevens says they've already had a lot of applicants for the position. They hope to have it filled by February.