Averett University Creates More Futuristic Classrooms

Danville, VA -Some Danville students are getting to experience "classrooms of the future." Averett University already had two, and soon, they'll be building a third.

The next classroom will be on the North Campus. It costs more than $20,000, which the school got from the Community Foundation. They say it will help hundreds of students.

Inside the "classrooms of the future" students read off ipads, teachers write on smartboards, and everyone's work comes together on an Apple TV.

"Students today learn and use technology very differently than we did in the past," said Debbie Flinn, director of development for Averett.

So Averett University plans to keep up with technological demands through creating these classrooms of the future. On their main campus, two rooms have already been through the conversion.

"You have more things at your fingertips. You can dive deeper into the subject," said sophomore Chad Davis.

Davis, who aspires to be a teacher, says this room has really helped him. He knows one day he will be teaching younger generations on similar equipment.

"It expands your horizons," said Davis.

"We have to be responsive to the ways students learn, the way students interact and make sure we are bringing the technology that they will use in their future careers to them," said Flinn.

Averett representatives say this technology will make a difference outside the classroom, too. They say updates like these help attract students and professors.

"That is absolutely where they want to be and what they want to learn with," said Flinn.

Averett will start renovations on the third classroom in the summer and it will be ready by August. They hope to eventually have 30 classrooms with this technology.