Averett University Announces $2 Million Grant

UPDATE:Danville, VA -- A big announcement from Averett University Thursday. They announced a new center that will help connect students to the community.They are creating a Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness. Averett received a nearly $2 million grant from Danville Regional Foundation, which will be awarded over five years. The center will focus on service-learning and career readiness. Averett's President Tiffany Franks says this is a game-changer for the community."It is so exciting because it really allows us to harness and nurture one of the greatest assets of our region and that's our students," says Franks.The center will be located in its own building near the student center.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Danville, VA - Averett University announced a nearly $2 million grant they say will help the entire community.The school broke the news Thursday morning at a press conference on campus. We're told the $2 million is coming from the Danville Regional Foundation. It will create the Center for Community Engagement and Career Competitiveness, which will focus on service learning and career readiness. The money will be awarded over five years.
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