Autumn Beauty by Matt Ferguson

Virginia's longer nights and cooler conditions always promise nature's fall beauty. It's this time of year when the leaves' colors are at their most brilliant.

In our region, late October into early November is the time to check out all the vibrant foliage. Right now western sections of our viewing area are seeing peak color. The Blue Ridge Mountains and New River Valley are approaching peak color. Across Central and Southside Virginia some color is developing, but we really don't expect our peak until the last weekend of October into the first week of November. If you plan to venture out, the map seen here will give you some guidance on where to see the best colors.

The weather often plays a key role in how colorful the leaves turn out each autumn. This year the weather has been just right! Temperatures at night have been cool (50s), with pleasantly warm afternoon highs (70s). Temperatures at these levels are at least one characteristic you need for good color development. Another is rainfall. We've seen just enough rain last summer and this fall. It hasn't been too dry or too wet, as drought and soggy weather patterns do NOT promote optimal leaf color.

To prove how beautiful it's looking this year, included are a few photos we have received from ABC-13 viewers. Hopefully the stunning colors you see in the pictures are a preview of what's to come during the next two weeks. Enjoy!