UPDATE: Auto Repair Shop Missing Robot Dog 'Muffles' Has Been Found

UPDATE: Muffles the robot dog has returned.

The owner of Scarce Muffler Shop said that he stopped by his shop on Friday night and discovered that Muffles and the missing bench were back.


Danville, VA - An auto repair shop said they're missing a dog.

Ok, so it's actually a metal dog, that's been outside of a Danville auto repair shop for almost a year now, but this week it disappeared.
The dog is called Muffles and he's made out car parts. He sat right at the front entrance of Scarce Muffler Shop on Piney Forest Road. On Sunday evening, the owner noticed that it disappeared and asking for it to be returned to its family.

You're bound see a robot family as you drive down the 400 block of Piney Forest Road.

"If the light turns red and they get stuck there, they've got something to look at other than a red light, so it's been a neat project," said Roger Crews, owner and operator of Scarce Muffler Shop.
The robot family stands in front of Scarce Muffler Shop.
"Some people have named them," said Crews.
Crews initially created the family as props for his church's Vacation Bible School last June.
"It kind of exploded into something more than that," he said.
He decided to place the family in front of his business after the event was over, but later made another member of the family.
"My son said that every family needs a dog, so that's how Muffles was born," said Crews.
Muffles, just like his family is made out of car parts. For almost a year now, while his family greeted drivers on Piney Forest Road, Muffles sat right in front of the entrance of the store, greeting customers, but not this week.
When Crews stopped by his business Sunday evening, Muffles and a nearby bench were gone.
"It's sad, but there's not a lot we can do about it," Crews said.
Although the robot family is meant for everyone to look at and enjoy, the person who misses Muffles the most is Crews' 7-year-old son.
"He was the one that named him. It was his idea, and he was the one that was the most heartbroken that he was gone Sunday when he came by. So I told my son, I'll try to find Muffles or we'll try to find us a new Muffles," Crews said.
Crews said Muffles and his family have been very popular in the community. He said he's probably had about 200 people ask if he could make them one.
The other family members were not taken. If you have any idea of Muffles' whereabouts, call Danville Police or Scarce Muffler Shop.

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