Attorney Weighs In On McDonnell Trial

Lynchburg, VA - Bob McDonnell is the first Virginia Governor in history to face such severe charges. It's all playing out now on the national stage.All the pictures we're seeing are being used as evidence; the Rolex, the McDonnell's in William's Ferrari, they're compelling but they certainly don't guarantee a guilty verdict."Seeing a public official driving a car that costs more than most people's house is very inflammatory and upsets a lot of people, but it's not a crime in and of itself" said Andrew Childress a Lynchburg Criminal Defense Attorney."We've seen the watch, we've seen him drive his rich buddy's car, but we haven't seen the intent or we haven't seen the actions that the governor's taken to Star Scientific's benefit that he shouldn't have done" he said.The next step for the prosecution is proving that those gifts led to kickback for Star Scientific. Either way Childress says the defense has their work cut out for them."He's got a tough row to hoe to clear his name" said Childress.Virginia voters we spoke with, anticipate a clean break for their former Governor."It's naive to think it doesn't go on. I'm actually happy that something's being done. I think there's way too many cases when nothing gets done" said one woman.
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