Attorney General Mark Herring Makes Danville Stop On His Public Safety Tour

Danville, VA - Public safety officials are looking for new ways to improve their efforts.

Mark Herring is making that a top priority in Virginia through a statewide public safety tour.
"Over 60 jurisdictions have participated. This will help me as I look at ways to reallocate and reprioritize my office in a way that is going to best help our local communities, " Herring said.
In Danville, local leaders and safety officers wasted no time voicing concerns. For Sheriff Mike Mondul, mental health is at the top of his mind.
"Mental health is a statewide issue that we deal with in law enforcement, " Mondul said.
Mondul says officers and deputies are getting crisis intervention training for a new assessment center dedicated to mental health.
"We're hopeful that the General Assembly will allocate some funding for the site here, " Mondul said.
Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Petra Haskins wanted Herring to know about Danville's problem with break-ins.

"People who have their homes invaded, it's just terrible. It's a terrible crime for them. They never feel safe and secure again, " Haskins said.

Herring asked questions and gave honest feedback on several issues - including gangs, school safety, and overcrowded jails.
As he left for his Lynchburg stop, he promised to keep an eye on the Southside.
"I need to hear directly from them what challenges they face as they keep our communities safe, and they do a great job, " Herring said.
Herring also took the opportunity to talk about coal ash. He heard from City Manager Joe King on the latest with the spill clean-up.

Herring says Duke Energy has been very forthcoming so far, but he is prepared to "hold their feet to the fire."