Atlanta Braves G.M.'s Son Opens with Danville Braves

Danville - Opening Night for the rookie league Danville Braves is Thursday night. One of Danville's outfielders is Kyle Wren. The 22-year-old out of Georgia Tech is the son of Atlanta Braves G.M. Frank Wren. So what was it like being drafted by your Dad?

Kyle Wren, D-BRAVES OUTFIELDER (GA. TECH, 8TH ROUND), said "You know my Dad's the type person to where if I was terrible at baseball like he wouldn't have drafted me. Really up until this year I really didn't want to be drafted by the Braves just because some people would think that because I'm his son I got drafted just because I'm his son, not because of my talent on the baseball field. But you know I put up the kind of numbers that I thought would justify him drafting me."