Athena Winner Honored

Lynchburg, VA -One woman was honored Friday for everything she does in the workplace and in the Lynchburg community. This year's winner of the Athena Award is Leslie Hoglund. Leslie is a mother of four, a student, and works full-time as a senior health educator with the Virginia Department of Health.

Friday afternoon, dozens of women met at the Kirkley Hotel for a luncheon. The Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce hosts the event. The lunch gives women an opportunity to share their personal success and struggles.

Past winners say getting the Athena award is a humbling experience. "The award really links me to woman all across the world that are changing the world, and I can't tell you how wonderful that is," said 2011 winner Sue Coleman. "It just validates what you're trying to do and makes you feel worthy of it," 2009 Winner Shirley Fuller.

This has been a week for this year's winnner, Leslie. Lynchburg Mayor Mike Gillette honored her with the Vice Mayor's Young Adult Award of Excellence.