Area Summer Camps Filled Up at Record Speed

Lynchburg, VA - The kids are finally out of school, and now it's time get them ready for summer camp. But if you waited until the last minute to find a place, you're in for a tough time.

Directors at different camps say most camps filled up at a record speed this year. The reason isn't really known, but directors credit their program format for the spike.

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg have had no shortage of interested campers.

"We have a waiting list for our under 13 kids," said Herbert Smith, director of the club. "I had a parent that called that was asking about a child that was nine and I pretty much had to tell them that I had to put them on the waiting list."

Their numbers are in the 90s.

"We open at nine in the morning and about two days ago, we had about 60 kids here at 9:30."

And at just $10 for an entire summer's worth of fun, it didn't take very long to reach that number.

Summer camps around the area say they each have their own draw.

"Clean, safe and fun which is what we try to have here at the club."

John Patterson -- "We really focus on the kids' mind body and spirit," said Smith.

Over at Liberty Christian Academy, they're at capacity too.

"We filled up a month before school was out," said Patterson.

They are, however still accepting some kids on a case by case basis. Their camp is highly regarded for enrichment programs, reading, and games.

But it comes with a heftier price tag.

"$900 for the whole summer, but that's broken up into increments that parents can afford," said Patterson.

Most of the camps through Lynchburg Parks and Recreation are full too.

Mother of two and Boys and Girls Club Director Dani Hottle says it's a lesson to be learned.

"You have to start early in order to ensure that you are able to find the program that works best for you as the parent but also that works for your child," she said.

There are still two spaces left for the "Summer at the Center Camp" at Diamond Hill, there are four spaces left for the city's transportation camp, and several spaces at Daniels Hill Center and Jefferson Park Center.

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