Area Sees Severe Storms Move In

Lynchburg, VA - Strong thunderstorms moved through parts of the area Tuesday night. Many saw hail, lightning, and damaging winds. Pop up thunderstorms throughout the region canceled a lot of outdoor events. The storms did not produce a lot of damage, but as is typical with pop up thunderstorms, Tuesday's turned nasty very quickly. Wyndhurst saw some torrential rain early Tuesday evening. Rains that came literally out of nowhere, one second the sun was out, and the next, it was pouring rain. Lightning was a common occurrence too. The area saw a few power outages, AEP reported at around 8 p.m. that more than 800 customers were out in Lynchburg, 100 in Bedford County, and 160 in Campbell County. The storms were severe, at one point even producing small hail, "Me and my buddy went upstairs in our shop and just listened to it, you could hear it on the roofs. I don't know how anyone could miss it because someone around the corner came in the store and they said they didn't see any hail, but it was everywhere" said Jonathan Farr who works in Wyndhurst. Those that watched the storm move through Tuesday said the hail was marble sized.