Area Law Enforcement Benefiting from Abbott Labs Settlement

Bedford Co., VA - A $1.5 billion dollar settlement against Abbott Labs is benefiting law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli handed over $33 million worth of checks to several departments Wednesday.

The largest amount of money went to the Bedford County Sheriff's Office.

Ken Cuccinelli claims Abbott Labs illegally promoted an anti-seizure drug that was not approved as safe or effective by the FDA.

The money is part of the second largest Medicaid fraud settlement in U.S. History.

More than $500 million is going to Bedford County's "Protect the Protector's" ballistics program.

The money will pay for 500 ballistics vests for law enforcement agencies that can't provide them for their officers.

The Campbell County Sheriff's office is getting $150,000 to buy blood alcohol detectors, an evidence recovery vehicle and digital car video systems.

Some $83,000 is going to the Nelson County Sheriff's Office to buy "glocks" or safe-action pistols, tasers, and defibrillators for patrol cars.

Amherst County will spend nearly $50,000 to upgrade laptop computers in patrol cars.

More than $11,000 is going to the Appomattox County Sheriff's office to purchase four night vision units.

"I think that was one of the biggest factors in our favor, we weren't asking this for ourselves," Sheriff Mike Brown said.

The Bedford County Sheriff's office will distribute the bullet proof vests to law enforcement agencies across the state, including Nelson County.