Area Crews, VDOT, Preparing for the First Real Snow

Lynchburg, VA - In the next few hours, VDOT crews will begin reporting to work to treat area roadways, for what's expected to be our first widespread snowfall of the season.

VDOT crews will begin treating primary roadways first with a mixture of salt and sand.

By Tuesday afternoon, concern turns to ice. So if you still need to make that last minute run to the grocery store, now's the time to do it.

You won't find Fred Mayer flocking to the supermarket.

"I'm from Montana and this is nothing," said Mayer.

But with the winter storm fast approaching, True Value is hoping to finally see some movement on aisle two.

"Flash lights, emergency heaters, generators, kerosene heaters and of course shovels," Dan Tucker said.

Tucker recommends metal shovels for icier snow, and plastic shovels when the snow is powdery.

"A few years ago when we had the big "snowpocalypse", we sold out and could not keep them in stock. And had lines of people. So, it just depends on how the snow falls." Tucker added.

How the snow falls is affecting VDOT's work as well.

"My big concern about this particular storm is it's going to be brutally cold afterwards. So any moisture that's left on the roadways, any snow or anything will be icy," said VDOT Spokesperson Paula Jones.

Jones recommends preparing before you leave for work.

Know what the conditions are before you ever start out. Know what to expect. Watch your weather forecast and know what you're going to get throughout the day," Jones added.

"The weather comes and goes and you just ride through it," Mayer said.

Lines at hardware stores are probably picking up right now as people get off of work.

Also, consider filling up your tank while you still can. A full tank of gas will keep the fuel line from freezing.