Architects Present Possible Plans for Future of Heritage HS in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Monday night, the Lynchburg City School Board and administrators, held a special work session, where for the first time they heard from the architects tasked with designing the new Heritage High school.

While it's still very early in determining what will happen with Heritage High School, for the first time tonight, school leaders got a glimpse into what the new campus may look like.

Plan after plan, nine in total were presented to the Lynchburg City School Board, which is slated with the task of determining the future of Heritage High School.

"We need a new Heritage High. It's about how we do it, not if we're going to do it. And we're still in the preliminary stages of the how," said Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand.

Architects presented three potential plans:

  • One: a new building at the same site
  • Two: renovating and adding on to the existing structure
  • Three: building a new structure, at a new site

"Every one of these is assuming you can build the building and the kids could move into that," said architect, and Vice President of Moseley Architects Jim McCalla.

McCalla says while he was tasked with finding a multitude of options, he's noticed keeping the same site for Heritage, as perhaps the community's front-running favorite.

"Because it keeps the Heritage of Heritage High School; for one thing, it's the same site, where Heritage High School has been forever," he said.

McCalla's plans, though very preliminary, account for a growth of Heritage enrollment from 1,100, to 1,500 students, and the square footage to reflect it.

That, along with the price of inflation, puts each potential price tag at $93 million.

"It's important for people to understand that that inflation rate projection is really, an educated guess. That square footage is another big component of the project cost that might change," said Charlie White, School Board Chairman.

The next big step will be determining what that projected student enrollment will be to accurately determine a price tag for these plans.