Appomattox Youth Sports Feud Coming to an End

Appomattox Co., VA- A feud in Appomattox between parents and the school board hit a high Thursday night.

The fight--making the county's youth sports program pay to use school facilities--started last month. Youth Sports got a bill from the school in December for $13,000. The bill is a result of a new school policy. Any non-profit has to now pay to use school facilities.

The youth sports program says it would have to take the fee out on its players. But at Thursday night's school board meeting, board members suggested a play that would make everyone a winner.

It's been a heated debate from the tip-off.

"Issuing this invoice, it makes it look like you guys want to eliminate this," charged Ray Perkins, President of Appomattox Youth Sports.

"When you come to me and say you don't know if it's the intent of me or this board to shut you down, that's the wrong answer," responded Greg Smith, the Vice-Chairman of the Appomattox County School Board.

After much worry and debate, the Appomattox School Board responded to parents' concerns, and cries of foul play.

"We are not here to hurt you. We are here for your kids. That's why we are on this school board," said Smith

Smith reminded Perkins about another option from the playbook. The AYS could become a part of the county recreation department, exempting them from having to pay the $13,000 fee.

"We do not charge government-related entities," said Smith.

The school board helped set up AYS and Parks and Rec for a slam dunk.

"We're in partnership. I've always treated it that way, it just never has been on paper," said Perkins.

"I think that the county will work with us. I think we will get this proposal and it will be fine. But it could have just been handled in such a different way," said Sharon Drinkard, Secretary of the Appomattox Youth Sports Board.

There was a misunderstanding between the school board and AYS that led to this big debate. When AYS was sent a bill in December, there was a letter sent with it, saying that youth programs in nearby counties operating under the county recreation departments, were not charged for using school facilities. AYS says that option was not made clear until Thursday night.