Appomattox Woman Survives Bad Accident

Reporter: Sally Delta

Appomattox, VA - A freak car accident nearly killed an Appomattox County woman this weekend. Allyson Taylor, 22, has been in the hospital since Saturday after her car wrecked on a Florida Interstate. She's undergone multiple surgeries already.

Allyson's family says there's a little progress every day. She is suffering from a fractured neck, collapsed lung and doctors expected she would lose her left hand.

As of right now, no one knows what caused the accident that almost killed her.

Allyson's father, John Taylor, and his wife got the call late Saturday night from a Pensacola hospital.

"By the reaction on my wife's face, I knew that something was seriously wrong with my daughter and the first thing you think is truly the worst that you've lost one, that you've lost a child," said John.

They were told that Allyson's Jeep Commander had flipped at least nine times on the interstate.

"Over and over and over sideways and her arm actually went out of the window and they say it was actually crushed in the roll," said John.

Doctors rushed Allyson into surgery and told her father she might lose her hand.

"Her forearm was broken, but the fingers and hand was mangled, it was in pieces and the initial call was, 'We don't think we can save it,;" said John.

Fortunately, recovery has come along faster than expected. Three days after the wreck, Allyson has pins in her fingers and a brace to protect a fractured vertebrae in her neck. But she felt good enough to talk with us on the phone.

"I'm a little sore and beat up, but other than that I'm in much better spirits," said Allyson in a phone interview.

Allyson can't remember anything from the accident but says a seatbelt and divine force kept her alive.

"I certainly had some guardian angels and God on my side. I know they were looking out for me," said Allyson.

"She said she was sorry that she ruined my Father's Day, and I told her I've had the best Father's Day in my life to know that she's alive," said John.

Allyson's father believes a blown tire might have caused the crash but no one knows for sure. As for Allyson, she's keeping a good sense of humor about the whole thing. She says that out of all the bumps and bruises, her manicure stayed in tact.