Appomattox Wal-Mart #1 in Region

Appomattox, VA - The highest ranking Wal-Mart in the eastern region is right here in our area. The Appomattox Wal-Mart snatched the number one spot out of more than 300 stores, stretching all the way from Delaware to North Carolina.

So how'd they do it? We found out.

The criteria included everything from sales to customer feedback to community involvement. They're all very proud of the win, especially since they've only been open since 2010.

"The people here are friendly. Everybody's nice," said Connie McFadden, frequent customer.

Customers know them by name.

"Paul was very helpful. He helped me figure out which exactly I wanted and what company to go with. It was a big help," said Wendy Steppe, frequent customer.

The Appomattox Wal-Mart is big on help, whether it's helping out the individual or the county.

"From the beginning we knew we had to get involved with the community and let them know that this is their store," said Denzil Van Swearingen, store manager.

This past Thanksgiving, the Appomattox Wal-Mart gave away more than 650 boxes of food, and participated in "pack the bus" to help local students with supplies. When the store opened only three years ago, they made sure to help those who recently lost their jobs.

"I know just about everybody that works here because I worked with them at Thomasville," said McFadden.

As a team, their winning strategy is simple.

"Treat everyone by the golden rule," said Debbie Moore, employee.

"We all have been customers before, so we just treat people how we want to be treated it makes it easy," said A.J. Chamber.

That goes not only for customers, but fellow employees as well.

"You've got to make sure the associates know how important they are. I don't make this store, my fellow management doesn't make this store succeed, it's all of us together," said Swearingen.

As they saying goes, you get what you give. And though it is a small store, Appomattox recently surpassed its goal in sales.

"It means a lot because who wants to go in the store and somebody is rude? I will not visit your store anymore," said Steppe.

More recently, the Wal-Mart donated around $5,000 to public schools music programs, which recently suffered cutbacks.