Appomattox ROSE Project Aims to Spiff Up Roadways

Appomattox, VA- The Town of Appomattox is moving forward with the plan to spiff up their roadways with a new project called ROSE.

ROSE stands for Roadway Opportunities for Sustainable Enhancements. It will be similar to Lynchburg's LEAF project that you've seen along the road and in the medians of Routes 29 and 460.

Businesses and groups in the community will sponsor a garden along the road, and in return have a sign put up with their name on it. The Marketing Chair for the Appomattox project says they hope to have 28 sites developed in the next several years.

"Garden clubs and architectural groups come together, look at a piece of land and design what they think would be the best set of flowers, trees, bushes," said Madeline Abbitt.

Organizers of the project hope to have five or six gardens planted this fall, and say they have seven or eight sponsors already interested.