Appomattox Recycling Rate Rising Dramatically

Appomattox, VA - Citizens in Appomattox County have gotten serious about going green. The recycling rate in the county has nearly tripled in the last few years going from 6% to nearly 40%.

Folks say it's got a lot to do with the site attendant. The attendants are not there to just monitor the site; they do a lot of hands on work too. Friday, we visited the county's number one recycling center out in Stonewall to see it in action.

Meet Marcia Bryant. She's been the attendant at the Stonewall Convenience center for two years.

"Have you got any more out there?" said Bryant.

Twice already her site won The Green Thumb for recycling the most out of all seven sites in the county.

"You know, when I first came here there wasn't hardly anyone recycling, and now they've really started getting into it," said Bryant.

Bryant's enthusiasm about recycling seemed contagious. She'd show folks how to do it and they followed.

"They weren't taking the tops off, but now they are taking the tops off and some even mashing them now," said Bryant.

Bryant even spruced up the site with a garden made of plants citizens threw away.

"I'd say, 'can I have this?' Instead of throwing it in the dump," said Bryant, laughing.

Site attendants at other recycling centers picked up on the trend. At the Appomattox County landfill Walter Ford made a pond out of scraps.

"This was part of an old refrigerator," said Ford.

The rocks in the fountain came from the pipeline explosion back in 2008.

"People can do a lot with what they think is junk and make it very pretty," said Ford.

They've even started constructing a recycling float for the upcoming Railroad Festival.

Appomattox County Recycle Coordinator Wanda McCormick couldn't be more proud of her team.

"I think it's wonderful, I would love to see it at 50%. I mean, just think of all the landfills we've saved and how we're saving our earth," said McCormick.

It took about two years to build that pond. You can check out their finished float at the Railroad Festival in Appomattox next weekend.