Appomattox Man on 400th Platelet Donation

Roanoke, VA - An Appomattox man reached an astounding goal Monday. Phillip Lucado gave his 400th platelet donation in Roanoke.

Lucado gives his platelets every two weeks and has not missed an appointment in 17 years.

"People are dying. A lot of times they shouldn't be dying," said Lucado.

For Phillip Lucado, saving lives is what motivates him to give. It all started 40 years ago when Lucado gave blood for the first time.

"I always wanted to help someone, or either help a lot of people as I go through life. And my Dad gave whole blood, so I started giving whole blood in April of 1973," said Lucado.

He then realized the need for platelets.

"When they told me the shelf life of platelets is only five days - that was one of the main reasons. And I think whole blood is 45 days," said Lucado.

Since then, Lucado has traveled 36,000 miles to and from the Red Cross. Although he does not know who his blood goes directly to, he knows it is saving lives.

"It may be his 400th donation, but you know, he's helped three times as many people with his donations over the years," said Jennifer Cockram.

His 400th donation was marked with celebration Monday. A party was held in his honor and a cake was made for him.

"Why did I pick giving blood and platelets as helping someone? Why didn't I pick something else? It's just the way I am," said Lucado.

His goal is to reach 1,000 donations.

"As long as somebody can get me there," said Lucado.

If Lucado keeps going at this pace he will reach this goal when he is 86 years old.

"It's worth a little pain to save a life," said Lucado.

If you'd like to donate, contact the Red Cross at 1-866-353-1030.

In case you were wondering, Phillip is related to David Lucado, the Appomattox man rumored to be dating Britney Spears. Phillip is, in fact, David's dad.