Appomattox Grandfather Goes Skydiving

Appomattox, VA - An Appomattox man is taking life by the horns. He's a 70-year-old grandfather, and he's using his retirement to test out some extreme sports.

Doug Martin runs a repair shop in Appomattox. He likes to visit his brother in Florida, and during his last trip, he decided to jump out of an airplane and free fall in the open sky.

Martin is a life-long fixer upper. He's been in business for 20 plus years and still won't quit.

"I never really had a bucket list. I just do things in the spur of the moment," said Martin.

But don't be fooled; This man plays as hard as he works.

"Once you get it in your blood, you want to move, you just want to go somewhere," said Martin.

Doug never took up typical hobbies like golf. His getaway is RV'ing

"I've been to Nova Scotia twice, Cape Britton Islands and about all the national parks in the United States," said Martin.

And when driving across countries wasn't enough, he went up instead.

"If I don't make it, I'll make headlines. And if I do, I'll still make headlines," said Martin.

So on a whim, he decided to go skydiving. Just days later, he did it with an instructor falling 120 miles an hour.

"Jumping out of that plane is the most exciting. I don't know how to describe it. I don't know if it's terror. He says once you get past the first windy minute, it feels like another world," said Martin.

"When they pull the parachute, it's just peaceful and quiet. You don't hear a sound," said Martin. "If you get the nerve up, you'll never do anything to equal to that."

Martin says as long as he's healthy, he'll continue to try new adventures.

"Well, you need to do things when you can I guess and while you're able. When you get my age, you never know what tomorrow brings."

Just a few weeks after his jump, two sky divers fell to their deaths at the exact same place. Reports say they did not deploy their parachute in time.