Appomattox Girl Grants Her Mom's Wish

Appomattox Co., VA - A woman with terminal cancer had one simple wish before she dies: To see her daughter graduate.

In fear that her mom might not live to the actual commencement date in the spring, one Appomattox student got her diploma early.

The school played a big role in making this wish a reality. Some of the staff at Appomattox County High School brought the cap and gown, music and everything else. And less than 12 hours after coming up with the idea, it was show time.

Lisa Mitchell was diagnosed with thymus cancer in 2008. Before chemotherapy, she and her daughter looked just alike.

"We were like twins; it was crazy," said Summer Mitchell.

Now, Lisa is in hospice care and her daughter Summer helps take care of her. Not knowing how long she had, Summer knew she wanted to do something special for her mom.

"She said, 'I want to see you graduate, and I do not care anymore.' So I figured we'd give it to her," said Summer.

So the guidance counselor, band teacher and chorus teacher from school put a ceremony together in Lisa's living room.

"The keyboard and trumpet were over here," said Summer.

"I was giggling coming in, because I was like, this is so funny. And then I saw her crying, then I started crying and it was ugly," said Summer.

"I boo hoo'd, because it never crossed my mind!" said Lisa Mitchell, has terminal cancer.

Now, Lisa says she's happy.

"That was my goal in life so I did! yay!" said Lisa.

Lisa says, it gave her a sense of peace to know her daughter made it through school. Summer told me, after she finishes school in June, she wants to pursue a career in nursing.