Appomattox Gets its Own Angel Tree

Appomattox, VA - The angel tree comes around every Christmas season, but this year it's serving a new group of children for the very first time. A public angel tree is going up in Appomattox, and there's a big need for it.

Appomattox Social Services say they never have a slow day. They've partnered with the Museum of the Confederacy to make sure all children have something under the tree.

Each family has their own unique holiday tradition. For some, it's to adopt an angel.

"I felt it was important to teach my children that. And then I just continued because I think it is important to help those that are less fortunate than I am," said Linda Lipscomb, from the Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox.

Lipscomb moved to Appomattox this summer to work at the Museum of the Confederacy. She was devastated to find no angel tree in town.

"There's a tremendous amount of folks out there that need assistance," said Lipscomb.

She contacted Appomattox Social Services, and boy was she right.

"It's hard to put a number on the number of folks who come through our office every day. We serve a lot of people in Appomattox," said Brad Burdette, Appomattox Social Services.

Brad Burdette is the director of Social Services. He says the recent loss in industry is hurting the community.

"When you have to make that choice between do I pay for my medication or do I keep my lights on, some people are making that decision every day," said Burdette.

For those families, paying for Christmas presents is another struggle. So, Burdette agreed to help.

"I was thoroughly excited with the idea," said Burdette.

Linda got to work making angel cards and ornaments.

"The tree will be set up here," said Lipscomb.

Now, all they need is members of the community to adopt an angel of their own. For Burdette, putting an angel tree in Appomattox is bound to make one child's Christmas one to remember.

"You tell all your friends, this is what I got for Christmas.The fact that there may be a kid in our community that won't be able to share their story with a friend so I'm excited to help that child have a lasting memory," said Burdette.

The tree will be on display at the Museum of the Confederacy starting Wednesday. Their goal is to help between 25 and 50 families in the Appomattox community.