Appomattox Courthouse Wants to Cast Locals in Historical Film

Appomattox, VA- Calling all actors! The Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park needs your help.

The park is starting work on a film that will be shown to visitors of the famous site, and they want locals to fill the cast. The film will be produced by a California company, but park officials are hoping to keep everything else local as they bring the surrender of 1865 back to life.

"We'll attempt to show the village as a working village. Not the more sterile types of exhibits that you see out here today. So, to do that we need people. And, it just makes really good sense to have Appomattox people portraying Appomattox people," said Ernie Price, a park ranger.

The Appomattox 1865 Foundation is taking care of casting for this film. They're looking for people of all ages for both main roles and extras. Filming starts in July and the deadline to apply for a role is May 12th.

If you're interested in getting involved, email the 1865 Foundation at to request an application.

Price says they are hoping the film will be released around April of 2015.

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