Appomattox County High School Phasing out 'A Block' Logo

Appomattox, VA - For years, it's been a symbol of school pride at Appomattox County High School. But now, the school is scrambling to come up with a new logo.

Over the summer, the Collegiate Licensing Corporation, on behalf of the University of Arizona, sent a letter to school administrators, claiming the school's "Block A" design is too close to the university's.

"Your school's use of a design that is nearly identical to the BLOCK A design Mark may cause consumers to erroneously believe that the University has authorized Appomattox County High School to use its Marks."

The letter goes onto say it will "dilute the distinctiveness" that the public associates with the University.

School administrators agreed to phase out the logo in the next five years, deciding it would be cheaper than going through litigation.

But the school's Athletic Director says the letter stands for more than just the school's name.

"It's probably the only thing that has been consistent throughout the years," said Chris Dodge.

The "A" is plastered on floorboards, scoreboards, booster club apparel, uniforms, even on the back of Kendall Thomas's football helmet.

"I thought it was a little ridiculous. We've had it for so long," Thomas said.

The school will come up with a new logo by the end of the school year. They hope the community will submit ideas for its design.

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