Appomattox Co. Implementing New Community Advisory Board

Appomattox Co., VA - The Appomattox County Sheriff is working to strengthen the relationship his office has with people they serve and protect.

The sheriff recently implemented a community advisory board to make sure peoples' voices are being heard.

There are five members on the board-- one representing each voting district in the county.

The sheriff believes the team is going to make Appomattox County an even better place to live. Recent history has proven that the Appomattox County Sheriff's Department doesn't have a problem responding to crime.

Laura Martin, a Spout Spring resident, owns a business in Appomattox County.

"The bank robbery, for example, I mean that was nipped in the bud before anyone knew what was going on," said Martin.

But Sheriff Barry Letterman is more concerned about preventing the crime.

"We're trying to keep things from happening verses just every time we get a call addressing it at this moment," he said.

It's a project that Letterman talked about back in his campaigning days. He's hopeful that the community advisory board will give everyday people a say in the happenings in the Sheriff's office.

The sheriff's main goal is to be more effective everywhere because what's going on here in town may be very different than what's going on in the county.

"It may be littering, it may be break-ins or noise problems," said Letterman.

I think it's a wonderful idea," said Martin.

Martin owns a convenience store. She believes the more citizens on board, the more their watchful eyes will steer away break-ins.

"I think if everyone can cooperate with it, it would make a better place to live and everything," she said.

"Is it going to solve all the problems? No. But it's something that gives the community a chance to say, 'You all could do better at this or we could do better at helping you all with this,'" said Letterman.

The next meeting is scheduled for January. Here are the representatives for each region:

  • James E. Cheatham (Falling River/Spout Spring)

  • Delores DeMuth (Appomattox River/Pamplin)

  • Charles D. Ferguson (Courthouse District, Town)

  • Courtney Griffin (Wreck Island District/Concord)

  • Lonnie Reynolds (Piney Mountain District/Oakville)