Appomattox Co. Food Bank Sees Need Rise

Appomattox Co., VA - Hundreds of Christmas dinners are almost ready for pickup in Appomattox County. The food bank there has been filling boxes full of food all week long for families, as the need in the county has grown significantly throughout the year.

The Appomattox Food Bank coordinator says each month, an average of 10 people apply for assistance. The need has grown so much that they've nearly ran out of space to store the food.

Once a month, every month, the kitchen at Chestnut Grove Baptist Church in Appomattox fills up with non-perishables. Shirley Wheeler has been coordinator for 12 years. She remembers when the room wasn't so full.

"It just grew and grew and grew, and now we actually need a larger building, a larger place to pack all of these boxes," said Wheeler.

Wheeler says the loss of industry has been tough on local families.

"When Thomasville closed, we've picked up a lot of people from there. Also, a lot of people from the Foundry. Those are some of the families in need," said Wheeler.

As the number in need grows, the amount of food has to stretch even further.

"That's our biggest need is to have the food to pack the boxes with," said Wheeler.

In December, nearly 200 boxes will go out to families in Appomattox County. Wheeler says she's thankful to help someone have a holiday meal, even if it's not the traditional kind.

"It will most definitely be someone's Christmas meal, even if they just make a spaghetti dinner, because we've got the fixings in for that. So even if they do a spaghetti dinner, they'll have a Christmas meal," said Wheeler.

The majority of that food is donated from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and Wal-Mart.

If you would like to make a personal donation, click here.