Appomattox Church Brings Store to Rehab Center

Appomattox, VA - Christmas just got a little brighter for some folks in Appomattox.

Monday, residents at the Health and Rehab Center in Appomattox were showered with nearly a thousand gifts from a local church, marking the first time both the church and rehab center have put on this event.

The Pastor at Bible Baptist Church knew many of the residents at the rehab center were not physically able to go out and shop. So, to make sure they had something to give to their kids and grandchildren this Christmas, Bible Baptist brought the store to them.

For many Christmas shoppers, digging for the perfect gift can be downright annoying. But for Jimmy Taylor, just being able to pick it out himself means the world.

"This is the first time I'm able to buy them gifts," said Taylor, resident at the rehab center.

Taylor has four grandchildren to shop for.

"My wife passed away in 1999 and she used to buy the gifts," said Taylor.

He wants to buy for them, but isn't able to get out on his own.

"What did it make you feel like to not be able to get them something?" we asked. "It made me feel rather sad," said Taylor. "Because they are all looking forward to Christmas, and I wasn't able to get all of them gifts."

Jonathan Watson is Pastor of Bible Baptist church. His grannie spent four years at the rehab center.

"She used to play bingo to win money and buy us Christmas presents," said Watson.

When Watson's grannie died this October, he decided to do something special for her friends.

Taylor is grateful for the chance to shop again.

"What did you get them?" we asked Taylor. "I can't tell you," said Taylor. "My grandchildren might see me on television and I can't tell them what I got them."

The residents used play money to get the true shopping experience, but all of the gifts were free. Now, they all have something to give their families when they come to visit for Christmas.