Appomattox Christian Academy Takes Kindergartners On First Bus Ride

"Back To School" also means back onto the school bus!

But for kindergartners, who are doing it for the first time, that can be kinda scary, Which is why parents and kids in Appomattox got a chance to take a bus ride, and get rid of those willies!

Appomattox Christian Academy organized this ride to take a few of those first day jitters away.

For kids starting their first day of school, few things are as scary as the sights and sounds of a school bus. Deb Thomas from Appomattox Christian Academy says this type of event helps make that first day of school easier for everyone, saying "We have a lot of students, who for the first time, are getting on the bus, and it gives them a very non-threatening way to enjoy the school bus ride, and for moms who are nervous about it, to ride the school bus with them, so they know they know what they are doing."

First time riders got a handbook filled with fun facts and rules, designed to keep kids comfortable and safe, including the best way to sit down on the bus, which Thomas sums up as "Bottom to bottom, back to back. When you sit properly in a school bus, you really reduce the risk of getting hurt, in case of accident, or some other situation."

This is the third year Appomattox Christian has partnered with the Jamerson Library's summer reading program. Thomas estimates more than 100 kids came out to get their first ride on the big yellow bus.