Apparent Sinkhole Forms Dangerously Close to Lynchburg Home

Lynchburg, VA - Tammy Lynn says her mother has lived in her home on Euclid Avenue for 16 years, but has never seen water do the amount of damage it did this week. Now, an apparent sinkhole sits just feet away from her mother's home.

After heavy rains earlier in the week, her mother's basement was so flooded that the home's owner spent all of Friday pumping out water from the basement floor, Lynn said.

It wasn't until around 6 p.m. Friday when a neighbor alerted the family about the hole.

Lynn looked outside and noticed what appeared to be a sinkhole within just five feet of her mother's home, she said.

"Oh my, is that going to get bigger?" Lynn said she thought to herself. "Is my family going to be in danger?"

Lynn, along with some of her family didn't want to go on camera for an interview, or were unavailable for an interview as of this writing, but she did talk with ABC 13 via e-mail Friday Night about the apparent sinkhole.

ABC 13's Claudia Rupcich will be heading into the neighborhood Saturday and will have complete reaction from the family and neighbors Saturday on ABC 13 News. Stay with us online and on-air for further updates.

-ABC 13 Meteorologist Jamey Singleton