Appalachian Power Starts Program to Lure Jobs to Service Area

Roanoke, VA - Appalachian Power has announced a new program that will go a long way in helping some communities draw in new business.

The company is working through its parent company, American Electric Power, to find sites across their eleven state reach that qualify as a "Qualified Data Center Site."

The company paid an independent consultant to identify and ensure that at least two of those sites fall within our viewing area - one in Roanoke County and the other in Wythe County.

"We're demonstrating that we're prepared for new business development and leveraging their marketing capability nationwide," said Jill Loope who is acting director of Roanoke County's Economic Development.

In all the company hopes to find 10 of these sites.

Industry experts say more than half of all companies that use data centers will be looking to replace or expand those sites over the next few years.