Appalachian Power Preparing for Outages

Roanoke, VA - A lot of folks are also worried about power outages from the cold winds.

Appalachian Power Monday said they are ready to go, to an extent.

The cold is not one of those situations where they have people staged for widespread quick response, but there is a sense of heightened awareness.

The wind did cause some localized power outages over the past 24-36 hours, and the wind is expected to cause more damage in coming hours.

Another question coming up is whether or not there could be power outages due to an extra drain on the system, as people kick their heating systems into high gear.

AEP says the system that serves our area is built for these cold types of extremes and there is no real concern that over-use will cause issues for customers.

If you do lose electricity, however, Appalachian Power reminds you to unplug all electric appliances, even your heating unit, until at least 10 minutes after the power is restored.