Appalachian Power Not Backing Off Late Deposits

Lynchburg, VA- Customers are burning up over Appalachian Power's reinstated late deposit policy. The power giant, a branch of American Electric Power, re instituted a policy that would fine customers two twelfths of their past power bills, if they haven't been on time, said APCO spokesman, John Shepelwich.{}

Since first airing a story about the late deposits, WSET 13's Facebook page, phone lines and email has been full of comments. Most are against the policy. Many customers feel that the company is asking financially challenged customers to fork over more money at a time when they're already feeling the pinch. However, Shepelwich says APCO, can either instill the deposit policy or pass along the late paying customer costs to those who are paying their bills on time. {}He said, roughly twenty percent of the company's accounts are currently delinquent.{}Amber Page, says she understands the requirement of a penalty, but she thinks the deposit APCO is asking is too high. "I can understand a late fee, but to throw a 300 dollar fee on someone who's already struggling, it makes no sense," she told ABC 13.

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