APCO Crews Working Faster Than Last Year to Restore Power

Lynchburg, VA - Appalachian crews were out working hard Friday to make sure those outage numbers come down. Areas like Brookville, Graves Mill Road, and Candlers Mountain in Lynchburg had APCO out making some very happy to get their power back.

We found a very happy Boonsboro man, glad to have his power back. Michael Leverch lost his power less than 20 hours.

"Did you guys do a happy dance when you got your power back on?" we asked.

"Yeah, I just did it. Ya'll didn't hear me? I was screaming in there. I was like, 'the power's back on.,'" said Leverch.

Leverch gives all the credit to APCO crews. They dealt with breakers out and high winds throwing out transmission lines.

"They are the best man. I offered them cold drinks and everything. Told them they could come get some Mtn. Dews. But, they already hit the road and turn the power on just like that," said Leverch.

"We're making great headway today," said Tommy Bondurant with AEP.

Bondurant says this weather's made a big difference for his crews. He calls it "workable weather."

"The guys are moving well. You don't have to worry about the heat stress or anything. Yeah, this is a big difference than last year," he said.

Last year's June derecho left sweltering heat in its wake, leaving many to sweat it out for days. But, Bondurant's making a better prediction about power restoration for this wind storm.

"We were hoping by Saturday, late Saturday night,"said Bondurant.

Fortunately, for the Leverch house, their wait is over.

Bondurant with AEP to rank the outages from this storm compared to the derecho. He put this windstorm pretty low on a 10 point scale as just a 2.