Anti-Obama Bus Stops in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA{}- In Lynchburg, the anti-Obama bus came to town Monday. It's a bus, acting as a giant advertisement, against the President's economic policies.

It's sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

The group has three buses traveling to more than 400 cities nationwide.

AFP staff organized a phone bank and some door-to-door campaigning, to warn people of what they say is the President's poor economic agenda.

However, officials from the organization say they are not jumping on anyone's bandwagon.

"We don't endorse candidates. We endorse policies that lead to economic freedom, and we want to see prosperity in this country, and bring back freedom and liberty, and if that means not endorsing candidates, that's fine by us," said Audrey Jackson, AFP's Virginia staff member.

Tuesday, the bus will be making a stop in Roanoke.