Another Danville Ghost Sign Coming Back to Life

Danville, VA - Danville has a lot of rich history and one man wants to make sure it is visible.

In 2011, a local artist restored an old Coca-Cola sign in downtown. Now the artist is back at it.
Jeffrey Seiden moved out of the city more than a year ago, but came to Danville just to make this historic sign visible again.
In the midst of Danville's River District renovation, one man wants to uncover the past.

"The sign was painted in the early 70s and it just wasn't touched ever since," said Seiden.

Nearly two years ago, Jeffrey Seiden gave this Coke sign a facelift, when he repainted the decades-old advertisement.
"It was just something to add a little character to the building," said Seiden.
Now the artist is back in town, to repaint yet another ghost sign.
"It's saving a piece of history. That's where Danville came from. These businesses that were here 70, 80 years ago is the reason everyone is here today," said Seiden.
River District Development called up Seiden and brought him in to work on the 1,700 square foot project.
"They bought the building, they wanted to spruce up the outside, they thought about the Coke sign, a few weeks later I got a phone call," said Seiden.
Using old pictures and a faded outline, Seiden clocked in nearly 50 hours of painting, and local businesses love his work.
"I think anything they are doing to fix old things back up again are positive for the town," said Ashley Wales, Employee at Vintages by the Dan.
"It's just a part of what these buildings and what the history of Danville was all about," said Joan Daniel, Owner of The Attic Hound.
Seiden hopes his work in Danville is far from over, but says for now, this is a step in the right direction.
Seiden says the city was very cooperative with this project. He hopes that means there will be many more ghost signs for him to repaint in the near future.
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