Animals at Mill Mountain Zoo Staying Warm

Roanoke, VA - With the cold weather there is concern for animals, especially at zoos where those animals need extra care.

Many of the animals at Mill Mountain Zoo are chosen based on an Asiatic theme and many are perfectly fine with the cold weather. The wolverine, Bo, for instance, has so much insulation that he doesn't even melt snow when he lays in it.

Overall, however, there are some precautions keepers add to the daily routine just to make sure the animals are comfortable.

"On really cold days we make sure that all the heaters are plugged in if the animals need heaters. We make sure that they have access to bunkers if they need access. We just make sure they have shelter. That they don't have ice in their water and they have nice fresh warm water and heat," said Zookeeper Sally Adams.

The 50 or so exotic birds in the menagerie were all moved to winter quarters a few months back.

The Mill Mountain Zoo just received a $100,000 grant from the Dr. Alexander McCausland Foundation for general operations, with a caveat that the zoo raise $50,000 by June 30.