Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County Not Giving Up On No-Kill Shelter

Pittsylvania Co.,VA-- The Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County hit a big roadblock earlier this year, when their request to build a no-kill shelter in Chatham was denied.

Despite all of that, the organization is still up and running and isn't letting that set back get the best of them.

They are currently looking for another piece of land. In the mean time, someone donated five acres of land to them, which allows them to take in more dogs.

They are raising money with yard sales, raffles, and they're planning a big fundraiser at Tomahawk Winery.

"Everybody just feels so passionately about the animals and they're all so wonderful and so sweet," said Angela Honeycutt, Animal Welfare League of Pittsylvania County. "How can you turn yourself away from them it? You can't, so we're going to keep going, and we're going to keep trying and we're not giving up."

To find out more about them and about their upcoming fundraisers, visit their website and Facebook page.