Animal Medical Center Hosts Free Vets for Needy Pets

Danville, VA-- The Animal Medical Center of Danville saw way more cats and dogs than usual on Sunday.

They had a huge response to their special event, Free Vets for Needy Pets.

They had the event because they noticed some people in the community could not afford to keep up with the costs to have their animals examined. So, pet owners were able to bring their animals in for free physical exams.

The medical center also reduced costs for medications and lowered the price for rabies vaccines to $5.

"On average if they just came in for a well pet and a rabies, it would be $53, and today you get it all for just $5, so that's a big discount," Veterinary Technician, Tonya Gibson said.

Employees at the center said the event was a huge success and they were fully booked for the day. They said they'll definitely do it again next year.