Angus Show Brings In Traffic To Pittsylvania County

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- Folks from all over Virginia are in Chatham this weekend for the Virginia Angus Breeder Show. Farmers compete for the title of Grand Champion and Supreme Champion.

Last year over 600 people came to the Angus Show to either compete or watch and just about half of those were local. So bringing in hundreds of out-of-towners into the area, really helps local businesses.

No matter who takes home the title, places like Gretna's Hampton Inn feel like they're the real winner.

"We are actually all sold out, with a waiting list," says Brooke Isom, Special Events Coordinator for Hampton Inn.

Isom says this weekend is one of their busiest all year. They're prepared with extra staff and a 20 person waiting list.

"Of course you always like to see business because it means that you are doing something right," says Isom.

While Isom gets ready for the rush, so do the competitors. This is the second year the Angus Show has been here at the Ag Complex. This year they have 86 animals competing for the title of Supreme Champion. Show Chairman Chris Wojo says the two-day event puts a spotlight on the cattle. He tells us the winners become more valuable.

"We encourage people to come out and find out about angus cattle and their breeding cattle and the good times that can be had and the things that can be learned," says Wojo.

And Wojo knows the value of the Angus Show doesn't stop there.

"Hopefully it's bringing some good business to the restaurants, hotels, convenience stores. Hopefully it's bringing a lot of traffic to the area," says Wojo.

We're told they plan on having the Angus Show at the Ag Complex for at least the next few years.